Management Consulting

Helping our clients analyze their present situation and determine which direction to proceed is the first stage of any strategic planning. We can aid in generating proposals which offer multiple solutions to the problem at hand.

Custom Software & Application Design

Using the most advanced technology, we will work with you to provide the custom programming necessary to keep your company profitable and efficient. By using proven tools and technology we can  guarantee that the delivered product will be well-tested, supported, and flexible.

Database Design

Whether your application requires high-level client-server capabilities, or simple, single-user database functionality, we can meet your needs. Our designers have experience at all levels of database design. We can provide solutions spanning from initial database design and configuration to data-entry and decision support interfaces.

Internet / Intranet Development

Our internet capabilites cover the full range of possibilities. Whether your needs are simple web design (including page concept and layout, graphics design, and navigation) or data-integration and cross-platform development, we can provide solutions.

In addition, our networking specialists can design your corporate intranet from the ground up. We will recommend software and hardware configurations that will be best for your corporate (or small business) needs. Let our expertise work for you!

Embedded Systems

Our developers have over 13 years of experience in working with embedded systems, using C/C++ and assembly language. We have the ability to provide solutions in all types of control situations, including real-time systems.

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